Picture Perfect

I look at this photograph and smile. It was the perfect shot to use for Chief and Munch’s joint birthday party invitations a few years ago. They were both happy and smiling so I grabbed the camera and boom! Got it. Except that it didn’t happen like that. At all. This was actually take two. Read More


Making progress

I’m acutely aware that I haven’t been as obviously present on the blog as I would have liked to have been recently. I have been fairly active on social media though, and if you follow me you’ll know that I’ve also been making progress with our garden, with two tonnes of topsoil delivered this weekend Read More


Vegetarian Lasagne

As you may have gathered, to us nothing quite says family meal time like a good hearty dish, and this lasagne doesn’t disappoint! We use Quorn mince, mostly to save me from making two and to keep everyone happy. It features on our weekly meal planner which if you haven’t see, you can catch up Read More

Penny dash

For the love of pets

Family means everything to me, from my husband and sons, my parents and sisters, my wider family, my chosen family of friends and, in my case, our fur and feathered babies too. I grew up with pets around. When I say I grew up with them around, what I mean is that they were an Read More


Your post

This is for you. The woman who made a choice in her early twenties that no longer fits, but you feel that you can’t change it without attracting criticism for being weak, and that you should be happy with your lot in life. This is for you. The woman who bumped her car into a Read More


Clumber Park

Once part of the legendary Sherwood Forest, and now owned by the National Trust, Clumber Park makes a beautiful setting for a wonderful family day out. It has a long history: originally being home to the Dukes of Newcastle over three centuries, it was enclosed in the early 18th century to provide a hunting ground Read More

books 6-7

Books for children: 6-7 years

Our favourite books for children, aged 6 – 7 years, as part of our books for children list. The Twits by Roald Dahl We absolutely love Roald Dahl, they are all books that I would happily read as an adult without a young audience around, so I was delighted when our eldest showed a keen Read More

books 5-6

Books for children: 5-6 years

Our favourite books for children, aged 5 – 6 years, as part of our books for children list. The Story of the Little Mole Who Knew it Was None of His Business by Werner Holzwarth Just when it seems we had got past a silly stage, this book came along and gave us an extra Read More